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Welcome to Especially 4 You

We are a company designed to help you navigate and pass your Beauty Trade State Exam. The service is designed for future beauty trade professionals who have some anxiety in the exam process, lack of understanding, or the need of additional education on how the exam process works and the expectations of the exam.
Our founder, Sue May Smith has been in the beauty industry for 30+ years. She has been a salon owner, industry rep. and foremost an instructor in Cosmetology, Barbering, Esthetics and Nail Technology. She still teaches and has developed Especially 4 You to streamline and simplify the test taking process for the future beauty trade professional, with their unique and specific needs in mind.

Our Purpose


We offer a combination of personal one-to-one interactions with a goal of creating a clear path to successfully understanding, taking and passing your State Board Examination. 

Our staff of licensed and certified instructors have over 50 years of experience in the combined Beauty Trades industries. Along with that combination of experience and education, we offer a practical and proven approach to State Board Exam preparation.

With our three tiered approach to exam preparation, we can provide clarity and guidance for the exam protocols and requirements for all Beauty Trades disciplines. Whatever your particular needs are for preparing to take your State Board Exams, we are confident that we have the tools available for you to successfully reach your goals.


We facilitate motivated individuals to reach their goals of a sustainable career in the world wide beauty industry trades by helping them navigate the ins and outs of the State Board Testing system. 

Especially for You will help you create a personal MAP (My Action Plan) for a successful State Board Testing experience.

The keys to unlocking your full potential are merely a step away.

Our Story

What Makes Us Different?

The state of Washington was the impetus for us to create Especially 4 You. After the State of Washington implemented the Practical Exam again, Sue May saw the need to help the future beauty trade professionals. Many licensing exam candidates were frustrated with how to set the kit up for ease and work-ability, not to mention understanding the nuances of the practical exam and the expectations.

Especially 4 You was born in June of 2005. Sue May spent 1.5 years in research, development and field testing to assist future beauty trade professionals taking the Washington State Practical exam.   Through this experience we are able to co-ordinate and help licensing exam candidates throughout the United States.

In 2019 Sue May closed the brick and mortar location for Especially 4 You and began refining and focusing solely on exam coaching and specifically how to bring all of the knowledge to the future beauty trade professional through an on-line experience so as to be able to help an even greater amount of licensing exam candidates.

Questions are always welcome and any one of experienced team will help you to ease your test experience. Especially 4 You team members are licensed educators who are more than happy to assist you.

Interested in getting more information on our practical exam prep for the beauty trades state licensure exam?